We realize we have been kind of in the background, but there is a good reason. So much has happened of late. We have been working on expanding our product list to include natural health, beauty, home, garden, and pet care! We are also working to always improve aspects such as packaging, shipping, and other areas. All this work is to benefit you.

            Aside from all those matters, I personally have also become a board member for the MMPC. The MMPC (Mid-Michigan Pagan Council) is a wonderful organization that I am proud to be a part of. They recently hosted an event, the Lansing Pagan Picnic and Raffle, back on June 3rd. Archaic Circle donated 6 Mystery Bags to be raffled. It turned out they were so popular that we will now be offering Mystery Bags and Mystery Baskets for the public to purchase. More details will be forth coming about those items. But back to the MMPC, the picnic was a success. However, the picnic is not the only event the MMPC hosts. Upcoming events are LPPD (Lansing Pagan Pride Day) on August 26th and a new event, the Yule Ball, on December8th and 9th. For more details about those events, a link to the MMPC website and Facebook will be posted at the bottom.

            All of that and more has made us here at Archaic Circle very excited, but also quiet on the social front. We are striving to correct this. Along with more content being posted, we want to continue to improve our products for you. So be on the lookout for price changes and new products in the coming year. Of course, you can always purchase our products online, but if you are in the Lansing, Michigan area on the dates of those events I mentioned above, Archaic Circle will be a vendor. Come out and see us in person! We always love meeting people who enjoy our products. And who knows, there may be a surprise in it for you!


MMPC website: http://mmpagans.org/


MMPC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/69060189080/