Caffeine Free Teas

Caffeinated Teas

All of our caffeine free herbal teas are 100% naturally caffeine free. 

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Bounty of Cernunnos

Our Bounty of Cernunnos is meant to evoke the feeling of late Autumn and remind you of days walking through a forest, resting in an open field. All rolled into our special blend of tea. 



Maiden, Mother, Crone

This special blend of tea is meant to help balance and nourish a woman's body. It is meant to help ease the discomfort of those with less estrogen.


Pomona's Protection

Take a stroll down winding paths and rest among the beauty that is nature. Let the fragrance of this unique tea suffice your senses and make you feel at ease and safe.


Yule Tidings

Sip this wonderful tea whenever you wish to be reminded winter and blankets of fresh snow. Or drink it to warm up during bitter cold times to make sure you combat the chill.



Float away on a blissful cloud to relaxation. The land of dreams awaits any that may indulge in this hypnotic tea.


The Three Graces

Good cheer, splendor and mirth await all who drink deep of this blend.


Aspect of Chloris

Frolic the a lush green meadow, roll down a hillside and enjoy the smell of early spring.


Eki's Embrace

Feel the warm embrace with every sip you take of this spiced orange warming tea.


Ta-Bitjet's Panacea

Enjoy the aroma of this herbal tea as the scent of licorice fills your senses. Let it drown out your worries and breathe well.


Attunement Tea

Try this tea full of adaptogens to help your body combat stress and balance yourself.


Summer Winds

With sweet notes of honey and a light floral taste, this a great tea for relaxing with.  Let the sweet taste and gentle flavor take your cares away.  An uplifting and soothing tea.


Nature's Remedy

This aromatic tea is both soothing and healing.  A combination of herbs with natural antibiotic properties, this tea is earthy with floral undertones.  A wonderful tea for helping to ward off seasonal ills.


Fresh Breath

A warming, slightly earthy tea.  This tea was specifically designed to both refresh your breath, and combat stomach ills that contribute to bad breath issues.



Having trouble staying alert and paying attention?


Samhain Harvest

A favorite of those that enjoy Samhain, Halloween, and everything harvest related. This robust mixture will transport you to a land of holiday bliss.